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The Primary Purpose of Warrior Quest is to fund sponsorships and travel expenses to retreat centers specializing in helping vets overcome treatment resistant PTSD

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Who We Help

Selfless service takes a toll on military families.  These warriors operate at a convergence of roles known to be high-risk for Post-Traumatic Stress: ground combat, trauma medicine, and the recovery of human remains.  Also, the physical burden of carrying patients, rescue equipment, and combat loads through parachute insertions, armed conflict, open ocean swims, glacier travel and mountainous terrain routinely results in chronic physical and neurological damage. Warrior Quest USA helps the suffering veteran with travel expenses to much needed treatment centers. 

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Veteran Retreats

Private three-day two-night PTSD-healing retreats for veterans take place at a comfortable waterfront property, with airboat and guided fishing charters as optional add-ons.  Some of our trauma-healing and reprocessing techniques are unconventional but have been observed over many years to be the most effective means for veterans and first responders who are seeking to persevere from treatment resistant: PTSD, depression, sleeping disorders, and all psychological wounds of service.


Our Goals

Provide assistance for veterans through a variety of effective techniques for healing and perseverance.

To help veterans suffering from PTSD by funding travel expenses to treatment centers.

Help reduce the veteran suicide rate.

Relieve the psychological demands of military service.

Honor the commitment and sacrifice of those who served for the safety and freedom of our country. 

Who We Help
Our Goals


The Primary Purpose of Warrior Quest USA is to fund sponsorships and travel expenses to retreat centers specializing in helping vets overcome treatment resistant PTSD.

Warrior Quest USA is a non-profit who combats the ever-rising veteran suicide rate. Every day, more than twenty veterans are lost to suicide. Warrior Quest USA would like to see that number at zero.

By donatingfundraising, or spreading the word, you can help our warriors get back on track and become a positive force in their communities.

Our Team

Our Team



Vice President

Air Force PJ Veteran



Army & Navy Veteran


Main Office

Satellite Beach, FL


Kentucky Office

1955 Upton Talley Rd.

Upton, KY 42784

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